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About the Owner

Picture taken: 2014 (age 17 yrs old)

The name is Haziq Haiqal. Born on 23rd of July 1997. I'm a Malay-Muslim and a SMK Jalan Empat graduate (ceh). I enjoy cooking, blogging and wasting my time. I like to listen all types of music but often listen to Kpop. 

About the Blog

This blog was created on the first September 2010. Due to the examination this year (2012), the blog was set to private until November 2012. The blog was redesigned and was given a new name - The Mature Blog.

The Mature Blog is a personal public diary of Haziq and offers varieties of posts. Although it is a diary, the owner do not post his unnecessary personal life (aKa boring daily routine) unless special events happens. 
You know what, f'ed that. I'm going to write whatever I want B)