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Starting anew

Well, this is difficult.

I realize I'm not a consistent person. Personally, I have goals but I fail to achieve it. Example, I wanted to take care of my skin, but I'm lazy to wash my face every night and apply lotion to keep my skin moisturised since I'm living in an air-conditioned place.

Another example is I wanted to study, but again I fail to do so. Here I am writing my blog when actually I have tons of works to do. Notes, reading, self-studying. I should go and shoot myself already for having this attitude.

But the clearest evidence of all is this blog. I made false promises that I shouldn't have. I'm a Munafiq for being that kind of jerk who cannot keep his promises. And I have left this blog unattended when I was originally had a vision to expand this blog so that the whole country would read it and able to know my opinions and sorts.

But I fail to do so. Shame on me. Shame on me for all my failures.

Thus, I'm making a patch to start my life again. Reborn to be a better person who are more systematic and knows his own priority. Before that, I might want to private this blog first. Or maybe make a new one. I dunno. I felt like making myself anonymous but I dunno. Time will tell.

So see ya. I'll come back again soon...anew.
This month. In Sha Allah