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Moving On...

So, as you all might not know...I just moved from Bangi to Ukay Perdana, which is somewhere in Ampang. Thus, this has been the 7th time my family and I have to move out in my entire life

Holy cow! 7th time. That must be tiring!!

You bet I am. But the fact that the whole family have to move in and out frequently  somehow make my life seems special.

Most of us would like to stay stationary only at one place or at one period of time because we still want to make and preserve memories with the ones who we love. But, sometimes we need to have a change for ourselves in order to keep moving forward and live in this harsh world.

Moving from one place to another might not sound like a small change, but doing this can help you gain more experiences. I realize the moment I have to move to Ukay I will greatly expose to the public transportation and the norm of urban people. It seems scary, but I know it will be fun. These changes can help me gain experience and able to adapt with the quite-challenging surrounding. So....YAY FOR MOVING.

Albeit the tiredness of packing your belongings and parting ways with your friends quietly, I will take this 7th move as a silver lining.

Goodbye Bangi, hello Ukay...

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