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What's My December Looks Like

Uhmmm before I even start...I just want to say
"Welcome back to the blogging world Haziq"
Thanks to my friend which I like to call her Zafirahhhhh Zafira, she inspired me to update my blog before 2014 ever ends .
But anyhow the point of this post is basically what the heck am I doing with my life after SPM. Yes people...I have finished SPM although my soul seems like trapped in a 10 year old body (Yes..a lot of people around me still thinks I'm too young despite my average height). If you want a summarized version of this post...well here you go
Well now that settles...let's get to the real deal


 Credits: Google Image
You see, I'm quite concern about my weight. My BMI is low, I'm easily hurt, I do not look appealing and even my brother told me that I would look handsome if I put on some weight..but then I refused to because I do not want to be like him if I eat excessively. So I asked myself, why not I build up some snowman muscle!?
I agreed to it. So on the first day which is early December, I went out at 7.30 am and went to the pond besides the surau at our housing area. I did some warm-up and I started to do 5 laps of running around the pond. Then, I did 20 push-ups (which was horrifying) and another 20 curl-ups using the equipments our government provided (saranghaeyo govermment ).
After that, I went back home and do 50 jumps or whatever you call using the jump ropes. Then, my exercise was done! I was really proud of myself. I can feel my bodies aching and my triceps, biceps and abdominal muscle in pain. My dream to have bigger muscle and more weight will finally come true.
But then, sh*t happened. I was stressed cause I couldn't find any part time job, my brother was admitted to the hospital, teacher wanted me to do 15 powerpoints...so you could say my exercise went in vain. Now, I'm just hoping it'll be a routine once 2015 kicks off.

SNSD Babies

 Credits: Girls' Generation Facebook Page

Ah yes...ever since I finished SPM, I quickly kept myself up to date with SNSD-related news. After the removal of Jessica, my love for all of them had strengthen. I still believe in them and support both SNSD and Jessica.

Long story short, what did I do? I was active on Onehallyu where I read about their news and translations for their Instagram updates. I even went to their own thread to know more what they were up to in the remaining days of 2014. Personally, I love Sunny so I kept an extra eye on her (And no...that does not mean I am a Cyclops).

Overall, I was entirely happy for them this month. Whether it was because of their achievements or not, I'm happy that SNSD is still standing strong and became the never ending wall that others will never climb. Excuse me for my delusional statement just now.


So, last month, I bought a Lenovo S660..which is this

 Credits: Google Image
Although it was not as fancy as Samsung, iPhone and Nexus, I'm really satisfied with it. I told my friends about it and they warmly welcomed me to the world of attachment and laziness with your phone. Although I was ready for it, I never knew it was the BAD.

I was on Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube and other social media platforms you could ever think of 24/7. I played Subway Surf until I score the highest score I ever had. I kept playing with the apps, installing and uninstalling and all things that an Android user will ever do.

But the bottom line is, I literally waste my time BIG TIME.

So, that sums up about everything. There were many things I did in that month like taking care of my sick brother, powerpoint making, eating, interview, and much more. But I know that you guys are tired reading this which is equivalent to listening to me babbling nonsense sh*ts. But hey, it's enjoyable right?
Anyhow, goodbye. Cheers and Happy New Year!