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Lifeless....No they are more lifeless

Ever wondered why you even live in this small world? You know, Gandalf once told me (through the famous saga "Lord of the Rings") that every humans have their own specialties and reasons to live on this world. But, what if I make you realize that you are not even contributing an effort on enhancing the world's civilization?

Like any other weekends, I waste my time facing ze laptop and encounter many events on social website. Today, I stumble upon with people who, like me, being LIFELESS.

LIFELESS, based on online dictionaries, means you are dead. So calling people lifeless means calling them dead, but here in the internet, we never care what we say and the words we use, because saying someone's lifeless literally means he/she have nothing better to do. We usually use this term to jokingly insult people who do something they shouldn't do. But sometimes, it's best for us to take the opportunity to remind this so called LIFELESS people  to do something that is worthwhile rather than letting go all the time by doing useless stuffs. Example:



(I just picked whatever kpop group I found on Google. Heck, I didn't even know who they are -_-)

Everyone have something they favor. Anything - music, arts, artist, blog; we will have something that make us easily attracted to and put in our Top 3 list. But, endless affection to the things we love that ruins our life such as surfing on the web about the thing we like and memorize its factual facts, for a show - watch it on endless replays or play a game nonstop, can damage our health physically, mentally and socially.
Let's take Kpop for example. We all know that Kpop is famous for its infamous fans. They are extremely obsessed with their oppars and unnirs to the point where we don't have to say Beliebers are the most rabid fans in this era. Yes, I am a kpop fan (SNSD I LOVE YA!! SPAZZING~~) but seeing other fans liking kpop to the extent where they cut their wrists or even imagining their oppas making lovechild with them embarrasses me, BIG TIME. Yo, loving something doesn't mean we worship the thing kay.
The amount of crazy dangerous kpop fangirls and fanboys are too damn high. So to all those who are overly obsessed with kpop, please go here. It will rejuvenates you to your normality. (And I beg you...)

Nice to like something and proves you are straight, but in a small quantity and not most of the time.



I remember the time I used Myspace (R.I.P Myspace :'( ). Excited, amazed by the codings that allows you to do things you can't do (e:g: Liking a status!) and make strangers as friends. Some use social websites to connect with other people while others use as a platform to tell about themselves publicly.

The real problem is the process of using it. Example, Facebook has statuses. We use to update it, whether it is educational or gibberish. However, too much statuses on Facebook makes people nauseous and asked you to go to Twitter. And if you ruin Twitter with your useless status, people will hate and isolate you.

Another thing that can cause you lifeless is to change your social profile. I'm okay if people change their profile pictures but if you change your biography or anything have to do with profile 24/7 3.6.5 (and even mentioning about it), then bye bye. I'm unfollowing you :| ...

Changing is nice, but there's a limit. You're doing it for yourself, not for others' satisfactory...



Ahhhh yes, the ol I'm-doing-nothing-but-shit. Undeniably, if you're a student or a worker who is doing something other than (insert verb), here's a suggestion: Quit from school or whatever you're doing, continue on your journey as a LIFELESS person.

True story; I have friends who never did their homework or even living their lives as students, I HATE THEM.


In conclusion, lifelessness sucks. It's better to do something beneficial and healthy for you and around you. It's an eyesore to be lifeless and you should avoid these useless activities. I'm not saying for you, but also a reminder to myself. So....uhm.......GO FIGURE (?).

P/S: I need to think of a better conclusion. Uhm anyhow, I'm back for writing! Sorry for the inconveniences o 290 followers. I'll try my best to update bloggy so you guys felt appreciated and never think "there's no use following this blog" shit whatever. So keep updated! I've found buttloads of things to be told in this blog ^^.

School, Friends, Homework, Holidays

The dust, the spider webs, the moldy cheese I left in this blog two years ago! *What??

Okay, that's just an expression on how freaking LONG I left this blog untended. Well, you may understand why by just looking at the title of this post. So, uhm yeah.....go figure? Anyhow, still keeping this blog as a public diary (but in a mature way), I will summarize what happened in my life during the days I abandoned this blog. And yeah, our relationship, Bloggy and me, right now is cracking. CURSE YOU SCHOOL ACTIVITIES!!



  • A new year, new teachers, new subjects (since I'm officially an SPM candidate) and for the first time in my secondary school life, new friends.
  • With the new friends, vawkward~...
  • Career crisis. Can't decide whether to be in the Science Stream or the Accounts Stream. Then, teacher allows us to have Accounts without dropping out Biology. Which means, 10 subjects for the students' to handle for their SPM (BM, English, Math, Add-Math, History, Religion [Islam] Studies, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Principles of Accounts). Well due to the crisis, I'd decided to do against the norm. 10 subjects. Tough but exciting!
  • Oh yeah, I'm a library prefect! Since doing desk job is my favorite thing to do, I ditch my counselor title and became a librarian. Besides, I can play with the bar code scanner! *click click
  • Curriculum, well let's just say my Red Crescent activities suck since it clashes with other activities like forum, Ranger Ridsect, Accounts class, yadayadayada. And Ping Pong didn't tolerate with me. I mean seriously president, if you think you can't manage a meeting or practices, then leave the president's works to me. I think I am much better of a leader than you. Well, at least the Library Club never disappoints me.
  • The subjects were not difficult at all. It's just that I kept having activities outside my school that making me very worried with my performance in academics. Especially my Physics.
  • Yes, there's no achievement. I always loose whatever I participate this year. But, there's some left and I hope it'll make up for the ones that I failed to succeed.    


  • Here's the thing. My friends from the Religion Stream gone to boarding school and all. To make it more interesting, all the back bones of our school gone, leaving a majority of students that'll make school much, much miserable -..-......huh
  • Well, at least there's still some awesome friends left like Rabi the Sakai Laut, Shawarma Sharmin, Khairina the Hyena, Zafirahhh~~, Farhana the Great and those from the Religion Stream who changed routes like Aida, Zarifah, Sarah, Najwa, Kamalia and Atikah.
  • Note that most of my friends are girls? Yeah, I'm more comfortable with them since 98% of male species at my school are chauvinist, sexist and most importantly....DUMBASSES
  • With the presence of my friends, I didn't study much lol. And the fact my initial goal is to use library as my study place shattered to pieces. Instead, it became a place of socialization of me and my friends.
  • But, having such crazy friends like them makes my day happier and happier :))
  • And what makes me happier since becoming a part of the upper grade was I have sooooo many firends of different age! I have juniors and I have seniors (which thanks to the fact I became a Library Prefect) which was soooooo GREAT! They respect me and I respect them, we became buddies and I will never forget even after I graduated from here.


  •  The H². When there's a good thing happening, there's a bad thing coming. The fact that holidays should be a relaxation after almost half of the year filled with school's activities is screwed with the homework and all.
  • Why, I mean why give us homework damnit!
  • During the 2 weeks school break, all I did was updating my blog and make scheduled posts to keep this blog fresh and alive. Plus, I kept hanging out in another social website where all my friends lingered there, which makes my holiday better than any other holidays I had.

TL;DR: This year was great so far. I'm happy with what I have. But, the holiday's suck thanks to my dearest friend, homework.

And, yes guys....homework is calling me, I better get going = =...