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My Diary Haziq Haiqal Properties Revolution - The Mature Blog

Oh My God........it's been a while I haven't update my blog. Sorry guys but due to my PMR examination I have to stop blogging to focus on my studies. Now that freedom is in the air I can do whatever I want while waiting for the results to come out.

So as you can see, there has been some major changes in this blog that I hope it will stay permanent. Plus, rather naming my blog as "My Diary Haziq Haiqal Properties" which sounds SO immature in many levels, I changed it into - "The Mature Blog". Sounds raunchy but is not what you think it will be B) .

So you get the idea from the name. I will not be immature and will not keep my followers updated with my extremely unnecessary personal-related posts. And I will not EVER going to keep designing my blog and go back and forth like I used to. Let's hope for the best shall we.

Okay, end the blabbering and let's go to the main event of this posts - Blog features.

1. Language change

Starting from now on, I will be using English in this blog. Well you see, I read all of my past posts after my exam ended, and.....uhm....yeah.....I kinda facepalmed too many times during the process (and deleted the posts). From the subjective personal pronoun to the horrid use of Malay language, somehow the cringes suggested me to use English as the main language to avoid self-embarrassment from continuing. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing post in Malay. The ratio of English posts to Malay posts will be 2:1.

2. The blog's new URL

In the past, the original URL was very long. That's why I decided to change it to a simpler URL that every blogwalkers will memorize. Please remember, The Mature Blog's new URL is


3. New Header

A clean simple header to fit in the mature vibe. The Facebook Like box, ads, pages and other images attach on the header is the result of DIV Style coding. Don't understand? No need to cause your main approach when visiting here is not hijack the codes in this blog but to be amazed by the design.

4. New Color Scheme

Green, brown, blue, black and white - those are the main colors of this blog. The colors are to show sense of nature which is to create a homy and fresh feeling during visitors' visit in this blog.

5. Fewer widgets on sidebar


Yup, the lesser the widget the healthier the blog. I only display the Followers and Chit Chat widget and put an ad on top of it. I used shoutbusuk.org app for the chit chat so we can communicate weather in real time or unreal time (whatever the name is). Leave your message there and I will try to reply it whenever I can. And for those who want to read past posts of this blog (which apparently is not available right now ==') will need to go to the Archive page.

6. There's a Custom Search!

Quite lazy to go to the Archive page, search the post that you want using Google Custom Search above the header. Simply type in the keywords or the post labels for a better and quicker experience.

7. The Blog is FAST!

So I test my blog speed using the frequently-used-tool-among-Malaysian-Bloggers and voila!

Quite fast eh~~but to be honest, I don't believe the result. That is why I use a much more accurate website speed test tool to check the blog speed again. And the result is....

Wow! Never knew that my blog is also fast according to the speed test. So, it's safe to say that this blog will take a shorter time to load and enables you to enjoy at a faster rate.

Well, that's a long intro. So what do you think of this blog? Leave your comments below and don't forget to support me in the world of blogging :).

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