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3D2N : Pulau Pinang

Ehem....sorry for the late update :3...

As you all may know, I went to Pulau Pinang for three days and two nights. It was not a family trip, it's more to my dad's business which is going fancy hotels for an MSC-organized program. We (my mom and I) tagged along and it was fun.

Instead of telling about my holiday in Pulau Pinang like writing in a diary, I'll tell you about places that I visited chronologically.



Wait...didn't I tell you I'm going to Nasi Kandar Beratur? Well guys, as soon we got here, my mom decided to not go to that place since we knew it'll take hours before we even got ourselves some hot delicious messy nasi kandar. And since we were hungry, we went to this place for lunch which is located at Jalan Burma beside Penang (SDA) Adventist Church (I think...).

A myriad of side dishes (lauk-pauk)...

Look at him going!
After added all types of gravy onto my rice, I got this...

Oh yeah, a big hot pile of delicious mess
Payed RM6 in this restaurant and I got this. I was literally amused on how the gravies blend together forming a new taste of deliciousness. And the chicken was big (quarter of a whole chicken) and tender. The price of a dish depends on what side dish you take but I would say it is quite cheap since the cook gave us a big portion of rice and side dish (in this case: chicken curry). Yet, we did not finish the whole plate!





After checked-in a not so suckiest hotel in Malaysia, we went to Padang Kota to have dinner (in the evening). When we got there, it was crowded with Penang locals, but it made sense since it was the school holiday and it was weekends. We sat and one by one waiters from each food stalls came to us and promote their dishes.

The only dish we ordered were Laksa Penang, Pasembur and Mee Udang. Laksa Penang was delicious but the Pasembur was mediocre. And the Mee Udang? TOTAL RIPOFF! The soup/gravy of the noodle was tasteless. Still, all the dishes were appetizing that we finished them. If only we picked the right stalls for Pasembur and Mee Udang :( ...

After our early dinner, we visited the entrance of Fort Cornwallis. I wanted to go in there but the fact that we were so full yet sleepy at that time, we headed back straight to our hotel.


There's a reason I didn't put a picture for this. You see, my mom told me that her friends recommended us to go there for a nice smelly durian. Curious, we went there and once we arrived at a small durian stall, I started to have a hunch.....BAD HUNCH. Durians were piled at a corner of the stall and it looks old. When we asked for it, the owner brought a big one to the table. He opened it, and it was frightening.

My mom knew that the durian was old and in the state of being a tempoyak. And I for one who judged the taste of a durian from its flesh just ate a teaspoon of it. And I stopped eating it. The taste was horrible. We complained and he gave an excuse on behalf of the almost rotten durian.

He said that the durian was exposed to rain which caused it to become a tempoyak faster. He apologized an brought us a new one. The second durian was not as bad as the first one, but it was unappetizing. We payed RM18 for the durian (the first was not included) and headed to another stall.

The second stall was not as bad as the first stall but still, my craze for durian was week. The moment the owner opened a small durian, the flesh did not look attractive. It was squishy and also almost in the state of being a tempoyak. Reasons (y so many excuses) why it became like this was the durian falled onto the ground. If it falled onto a net, it won't turn into a rotten durian. Yes, the reason was unacceptable but we kept eating it like beggars who had no other choices.

But one thing that was EXTREMELY UNBELIEVABLE was the price. It costs us RM25. DAHECK! The durian was smaller than the one that we bought at the first stall yet the first durian was much cheaper!

So notes to those who planned to go to Teluk Bahang for durians.
1. Never go there.
2. You will be disappointed.
3. For good satisfying durians, go to Pahang. It's cheap
    and delicious during the durian season. My experience
    was we bought three durians (Musang king durians
    I tell you) and we ate two durians in front of the 
    stall AND the owner gave us extras. Guess how much             did they cost us. RM10.
To put it in an equation...
Pahang >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Teluk Bahang



 I went there by myself, so no one was there to take my picture. SELCA TIME!!
After lunch in the Penang National Park, I, myself, went to a mini museum just outside the entrance of the national park. But, because no humans wanted to go there, I thought it was closed. I went in there, and because I was the only living thing in the mini museum, I got scared by the animal sculptures (every time I saw them).
The exhibitions were great (if you are a type of person who like to go museum) and I hoped that the National Park manager add another floor for more exhibitions. I love reading about each of the animals' biography (?) and the history of the National Park. So please, consider this suggestion.


The highlight of our trip was the night at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang! YEAH!!!!!1 The MSC-organized event that my dad had to attend at that time was a dinner in Hard Rock Hotel and we got to spend a night there. Well, only a night but it was worth it.

The pool, the Teens' Club, the breakfast, the informal dinner...my oh my...I was in heaven. There's no word that could describe the greatness of Hard Rock Hotel. It's a perfection.


Overall, the trip was fun. Most places that we visited were not what we expected and I yet to discover more attractions. So the next time I visit here, I would like to go hiking at Bukit Bendera. The Owl Museum, wait for me!


Ƞurul Ƨyafiqah said...

Terliur tengok nasi kandar tu xD

Haziq Haiqal said...

@Ƞurul Ƨyafiqah Kan! Nasi kandar tu sedap sangat, kitorang tapau dua bungkus bwk blk ke bangi :D...