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"97 Crew's D-DAY: 19.12.12


The first time I saw this, it gave me the creeps. And of course, every PMR candidates started to have the rumbling tummies and the temporary Parkinson's disease since last week (I guess). But the climax of their sickness started today. 

I arrived at school an hour and twenty minutes earlier and saw the deserted assembly. But I'm not alone. Two friends of mine sat on a stone bench while listening to their MP3s. I came to them and started to have an overly friendly chit chat. Like me, they had cold feet. They couldn't sleep last night that they read 9gag until late midnight.

30 minutes after hanging out with them, I went to the library to help the teacher-librarian (the task were not fulfill...damn you Haziq Haiqal). There were four students (including me) who were on duty. But me and my friend, Farhana, couldn't even do a thing.

I told Farhana that we could check our PMR results through SMS starting at 10 am onwords. We typed in our IC number and our PMR registration number and send it to what we expect was the Lembaga Peperiksaan. We sent the message exactly at 10 am and a few minutes later, Farhana got her reply. She got 8As (Congratulation Farhana~~). 15 minutes later, I also got my reply....


Fast forward to 11 am (the estimated time for the PMR slips to be distributed), it was time. Class teachers left the meeting room holding the result slips. They went to the assembly and the principal gave a speech. It was said that about 200+ students out of 319 got straight As. So after the speech, students went to each of their class teacher to get their result slips.

Yes, varieties of reaction can be seen. Some students were shedding tears of joy, some students were screaming, some students were surprised, some students were dismayed and some students showed their blanked face (insert MongJi picture *if you know what I mean). But me, I managed to smile with my mother. I already knew my result an hour ago. And I'm proud of it. 



SIMPLE GIVEAWAY BY NFH (simple lah sangat...)

Oh ya.....musim giveaway. Di mana para blogger naikkan trafik dengan membuat giveaway hadiah-hadiah yang "hebat" atau buat pertandingan blog/gambar/blablabla.......(malas nak ulas panjang-panjang)

Dan tak tahu kenapa, saya terbuka hati pula nak masuk giveaway ni...

Nama je simple giveaway, tuptup berlambak hadiah yang akan di"giveaway"kan tu lolololol...

Saya tidak diupah oleh si pengendali giveaway ini tapi jom kita masuk ramai-ramai.

3D2N : Pulau Pinang

Ehem....sorry for the late update :3...

As you all may know, I went to Pulau Pinang for three days and two nights. It was not a family trip, it's more to my dad's business which is going fancy hotels for an MSC-organized program. We (my mom and I) tagged along and it was fun.

Instead of telling about my holiday in Pulau Pinang like writing in a diary, I'll tell you about places that I visited chronologically.



Wait...didn't I tell you I'm going to Nasi Kandar Beratur? Well guys, as soon we got here, my mom decided to not go to that place since we knew it'll take hours before we even got ourselves some hot delicious messy nasi kandar. And since we were hungry, we went to this place for lunch which is located at Jalan Burma beside Penang (SDA) Adventist Church (I think...).

A myriad of side dishes (lauk-pauk)...

Look at him going!
After added all types of gravy onto my rice, I got this...

Oh yeah, a big hot pile of delicious mess
Payed RM6 in this restaurant and I got this. I was literally amused on how the gravies blend together forming a new taste of deliciousness. And the chicken was big (quarter of a whole chicken) and tender. The price of a dish depends on what side dish you take but I would say it is quite cheap since the cook gave us a big portion of rice and side dish (in this case: chicken curry). Yet, we did not finish the whole plate!





After checked-in a not so suckiest hotel in Malaysia, we went to Padang Kota to have dinner (in the evening). When we got there, it was crowded with Penang locals, but it made sense since it was the school holiday and it was weekends. We sat and one by one waiters from each food stalls came to us and promote their dishes.

The only dish we ordered were Laksa Penang, Pasembur and Mee Udang. Laksa Penang was delicious but the Pasembur was mediocre. And the Mee Udang? TOTAL RIPOFF! The soup/gravy of the noodle was tasteless. Still, all the dishes were appetizing that we finished them. If only we picked the right stalls for Pasembur and Mee Udang :( ...

After our early dinner, we visited the entrance of Fort Cornwallis. I wanted to go in there but the fact that we were so full yet sleepy at that time, we headed back straight to our hotel.


There's a reason I didn't put a picture for this. You see, my mom told me that her friends recommended us to go there for a nice smelly durian. Curious, we went there and once we arrived at a small durian stall, I started to have a hunch.....BAD HUNCH. Durians were piled at a corner of the stall and it looks old. When we asked for it, the owner brought a big one to the table. He opened it, and it was frightening.

My mom knew that the durian was old and in the state of being a tempoyak. And I for one who judged the taste of a durian from its flesh just ate a teaspoon of it. And I stopped eating it. The taste was horrible. We complained and he gave an excuse on behalf of the almost rotten durian.

He said that the durian was exposed to rain which caused it to become a tempoyak faster. He apologized an brought us a new one. The second durian was not as bad as the first one, but it was unappetizing. We payed RM18 for the durian (the first was not included) and headed to another stall.

The second stall was not as bad as the first stall but still, my craze for durian was week. The moment the owner opened a small durian, the flesh did not look attractive. It was squishy and also almost in the state of being a tempoyak. Reasons (y so many excuses) why it became like this was the durian falled onto the ground. If it falled onto a net, it won't turn into a rotten durian. Yes, the reason was unacceptable but we kept eating it like beggars who had no other choices.

But one thing that was EXTREMELY UNBELIEVABLE was the price. It costs us RM25. DAHECK! The durian was smaller than the one that we bought at the first stall yet the first durian was much cheaper!

So notes to those who planned to go to Teluk Bahang for durians.
1. Never go there.
2. You will be disappointed.
3. For good satisfying durians, go to Pahang. It's cheap
    and delicious during the durian season. My experience
    was we bought three durians (Musang king durians
    I tell you) and we ate two durians in front of the 
    stall AND the owner gave us extras. Guess how much             did they cost us. RM10.
To put it in an equation...
Pahang >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Teluk Bahang



 I went there by myself, so no one was there to take my picture. SELCA TIME!!
After lunch in the Penang National Park, I, myself, went to a mini museum just outside the entrance of the national park. But, because no humans wanted to go there, I thought it was closed. I went in there, and because I was the only living thing in the mini museum, I got scared by the animal sculptures (every time I saw them).
The exhibitions were great (if you are a type of person who like to go museum) and I hoped that the National Park manager add another floor for more exhibitions. I love reading about each of the animals' biography (?) and the history of the National Park. So please, consider this suggestion.


The highlight of our trip was the night at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang! YEAH!!!!!1 The MSC-organized event that my dad had to attend at that time was a dinner in Hard Rock Hotel and we got to spend a night there. Well, only a night but it was worth it.

The pool, the Teens' Club, the breakfast, the informal dinner...my oh my...I was in heaven. There's no word that could describe the greatness of Hard Rock Hotel. It's a perfection.


Overall, the trip was fun. Most places that we visited were not what we expected and I yet to discover more attractions. So the next time I visit here, I would like to go hiking at Bukit Bendera. The Owl Museum, wait for me!

Going to Penang Island (Pulau Pinang)

 Credit: Google Image

Tomorrow before dawn, my parents and I are going to Penang Island (Pulau Pinang) for two days! WEEEE!! So, this weekend, there will be no updates. But I'm expecting a but load of posts this Monday about my vacation. 

Before I start packing my bags, I would like to ask one simple question to all people who had went to Penang or who lives in Penang.

Besides going to Nasi Kandar Beratur, where should we go during our visit to Penang? 
Note: It must be not too far from Georgetown or in the area of Georgetown. 
Your honest recommendations are highly appreciated. Well, see you guys next Monday!!

Music Review: Girls' Generation II - Girls & Peace

On the 25th November, Girls' Generation dropped their 2nd Japanese Album Girls and Peace and have been topping the charts quite well. Their 1st Japanese Album was a masterpiece, leaving a great impression of them towards the Japanese audiences and also anticipation for their next project.

The album consists of 12 track lists including four singles that they promoted this year. Let's begin the review...


Their sixth Japanese single has been the odd one out of all their past singles. From the instrumental, vocals and even the lyrics (DO U KNOW ADABANA!!?), the song turns out to be weird but not a bad one. What I like about Flower Power is how the verse and the chorus combine beautifully despite the contrast in them. And another bit that I find pretty amusing is their vocals' harmonization during the post-chorus section (at the 1.09 minute mark). I like how they sing "Flower" with a high tone and at the same time Sunny (I think) sings the "Oooh~~" part giving us that magical feel at that time. It's a nice song, but is not the same standard as Mr. Taxi and Paparazzi.                    
- Points: 3.5/5


Following the electropop beats club style Flower Power, Animal is another song that fits the club environment. The synth (I think) in this song fits well and the chorus is quite catchy. The only problem I find is the adlibs. The adlibs is like out of place that I hope the composers did not ask Taeyeon and Tiffany to sing it in the first place. This song will be perfect if they minus the adlibs.                 
- Points: 3/5


With a military-like sound, I'm A Diamond is somehow an attention-seeking song. To me, this song is new to them since they are required to use their base vocals a lot in this song and I like it. The fast rap-talk in here also gives the song a much higher level than Animal in my opinion. It's strong and sassy, that's all I can say about it.
- Points: 4/5


Next track in the list is Reflection, one of my favorite song in this album. While I'm A Diamond shows Girls' Generation's strong and passionate side, this one shows their feminine side instead (note the vocals). It's great to see the transition of their vocals from I'm A Diamond to this, showing music fans how they have wide range of vocals. And since I am a middle eight lover, I just could not express how happy I am with the gorgeousness of it in this song.
- Points: 5/5


This song is also my favorite in this album. I just love how the instruments are more into some kind of orchestral sounds added with a piano piece. Plus, this song also showcase their sweet vocals which we can easily notice in the chorus. If you look closely, most of their songs' concept in both 1st and 2nd album is the lady-like concept which is going on in most of their Japanese promotions. And this song sets an example on how songs will have that lady vibe in it even though you do not use heavy instrumentals to highlight about it.  
- Points: 5/5

6. T.O.P

This song is ALSO my favorite in this album. But, the first time I listen to it, I realize how this song sounds SO similar to a cheerleading cheers (note the chorus). But what I really like about this song is the use of trombone and the drum line. Why? IT FITS WELL WITH THE CHEERLEADING CHEERS CONCEPT!! Yeah, I'm kind of torn with the concept of this song. However, what makes the song amazing is the climax of each verses in this song as well as the middle-eight (again). It's just simply amazing. So put it together, you will have a fierce powerful cheerleading cheers for your upcoming sports day/basketball match.  
- Points: 3.9/5


Man, this song is RUINED! Sorry guys, but if you listen to the original version (Korean version which is leaked ages ago), you will, no matter what, will love it much more than the Japanese version. The beginning of this song (the Japan version) somehow sounds like a beginning of a PC game, which is cheesy while the  Korean version starts of with an electric guitar sounds, which makes it sounds so lady-like and fierce. And another main factor that I really hate this version is the chorus. Boom Boom Loving You? Da heck is that!? One thing that makes this song valid is the beautiful middle eight (Wow, I'm so bias with middle eights).    
- Points: 2/5

8. OH!

As much as I love this bubbly cute song, I have to minus 1 point for the unsuitable addition of this song in this album. Same goes to Gee in their first Japanese album. But, what I really like about this version is the random use of Korean and English in this Japanese song. Yeah, I like it without a doubt.
- Points: 4/5


I freaking love this song so much. What makes this song amazing is its beauty and melody. I just love the nice and calm voice of each members. Plus, I really love the harmonization in the beginning of the song and after each chorus. It's pretty and very lady-like.
- Points: 5/5


Their forth Japanese single is purely amazing. To me, this song is on the same level as Mr. Taxi, but much more solid in my opinion. And like any other songs in this Japanese Album, I love Paparazzi for its middle eight.
- Points: 5/5


I'll be honest, the song is great. In fact, it really suits with the album cover. One big problem though that this song is the least outstanding in this album. With all the songs minus Oh! have this lady vibe in them, it makes this song so out of place. Even though this song has the 80's/90's retro pop feel to it yet sounds like what Girls' Generation would do during their debut years, it makes the album less solid and less cohesive.
- Points: 3.5/5


Not Alone is a perfect example for cheesy ballad to me. It sounds so eccentric and although I love the piano piece and their vocals, I just think that this song doesn't have the feel to be in this album. I think Not Alone will be suitable as an OST of a drama.
- Points: 3/5



RESOLUTION: Girls and Peace is not their latest perfection nor is the same par as their first album. But, most songs are great fillings for this album. It certainly has much more room for improvement.

Soalan PMR 2012 Agak Pelik: Dalam kata lain, SOALAN PMR TAHUN NI SUSAH >.< !!!!!

The first Malay language post. Let's hope I don't get embarrass for my terrible use of Malay language.

Sepanjang cuti persekolahan ni, saya asyik baca artikel kpop di website ni. Dan saya amat amat amat amat AMAT bersyukur kerana semua pengarang website tersebut mengajar saya menjadi seorang yang berfikiran kristis terhadap statement/pendapat orang lain. Orang pertama yang cuba mengajar saya untuk berfikiran kristis ialah mak saya tapi masa tu tak faham sebab dulu saya tak berapa matang untuk memahami kata-kata mak.

Okay, awal pagi tadi, kawan ada share satu artikel daripada Utusan Malaysia di facebook.

Kalau tak dapat baca, meh saya dengan rajinnya menulis balik isi artikel yang menjadi perbincangan kita hari ni. (HAZIQ PENIPU!! Sebenarnya kau copy paste dari sini....hampeh ==')

WALAUPUN Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah (PMR) 2012
hampir sebulan lebih telah berakhir, baru sekarang
saya berpeluang menilai kualiti soalan-soalan PMR 2012. 

Saya dapati soalan PMR tahun ini keseluruhannya agak 
mencabar. Ada sesetengah soalan mudah tetapi jika 
dianalisis, kehendak soalan atau kehendak jawapan
tidak mudah dan kebanyakan mengelirukan.

Saya hairan mengapa nasib pelajar yang lahir pada 1997
(kebanyakan) menerima nasib menghadapi setiap 
peperiksaan utama agak mencabar contohnya UPSR 
2009. Adakah anak-anak yang lahir pada 1997
akan menghadapi perkara yang sama untuk SPM nanti pada tahun 2015?

Secara keseluruhan soalan PMR 2012 agak 'PELIK':
1) Bahasa Malaysia antaranya memang terlalu mencabar, 
    seolah tidak setaraf dengan pemikiran pelajar yang 
    berusia 15 tahun.
2) Sejarah 80 peratus kemahiran berfikir atau lebih 
    kepada pengetahuan am.
3) Bahasa Inggeris 40 peratus tidak mengikut format
    seperti soalan-soalan tahun lepas.
4) Geografi kebanyakan soalan berkait dengan sejarah, 
    mungkin agak payah bagi sesetengah pelajar yang 
    biasa dengan soalan secara terus (direct).
5) Soalan Sains yang perlu banyak menggunakan logik
    dan kemahiran berfikir serta pengetahuan luar 
    biasa pelajar.
6) Pendidikan Agama Islam soalan berkenaan dengan 
    'Maasum' yang tidak pernah dijadikan soalan pada 
    tahun-tahun lain.

Saya dan juga ibu bapa lain juga berharap agar maklum 
balas ini tidak dipandang sepi oleh pihak Lembaga

Walaupun bertujuan untuk menaik taraf kualiti dan juga 
transformasi pelajar, pihak Lembaga Peperiksaan perlu 
peka tahap pemikiran pelajar yang baru berusia 15 
tahun. Tidak semua pelajar cemerlang, apa akan
berlaku kepada pelajar yang sederhana dan tidak
berapa cemerlang bila mendapat keputusan PMR 2012 nanti? 

Harap pihak Lembaga Peperiksaan dan Kementerian 
Pelajaran membuat pertimbangan dengan sewajarnya.
Benda pertama yang terfikir dalam minda saya apabila baca artikel di atas ialah...
Budak ni cuba buat alasan PMR tahun ni susah ke?
Ya, saya tahu apa yang saya kata tu akan menggores hati si penulis aduan (?) ni. Tapi statement "soalan PMR tahun ni pelik" boleh disangkalkan dan boleh dikira sebagai invalid statement.
1) Bahasa Malaysia antaranya memang terlalu mencabar, 
    seolah tidak setaraf dengan pemikiran pelajar yang 
    berusia 15 tahun.
Okay, kertas BM (lagi-lagi kertas 1) tidak dapat dinafikan susah. Macam si penulis cakap, ada yang senang ada yang susah. Tetapi nak dikatakan tidak setaraf dengan pemikiran pelajar PMR tahun ni...is just....dumb. Saya tidak faham sebab standard soalan tahun ni adalah sama dengan soalan-soalan tahun lepas dan SEPATUTNYA menjadi kebiasaan bagi pelajar yang SEPATUTNYA sudah lali menjawabnya ni kerana banyak buat latih tubi/kertas percubaan negeri lain/kertas PMR yang lepas/perbincangan dengan guru pada tahun ni.

Dan untuk BM kertas dua...well to be fair Bahagian A(i) Ringkasan memang susah sikit terutamanya dalam hal mencari isi-isi penting. Tetapi, kita tak boleh expect Lembaga Peperiksaan untuk buat soalan yang meberi kita nampak isi penting petikan secara terang benderang. Kalau begitulah, kualiti soalan akan merosot dan gred purata akan meningkat since soalan itu senang untuk skor. Dan saya quote
"standard soalan tahun ni adalah sama dengan soalan-soalan tahun lepas dan SEPATUTNYA menjadi kebiasaan bagi pelajar yang SEPATUTNYA sudah lali menjawabnya ni kerana banyak buat latih tubi/kertas percubaan negeri lain/kertas PMR yang lepas/perbincangan dengan guru pada tahun ni."
Case close.

2) Sejarah 80 peratus kemahiran berfikir atau lebih 
    kepada pengetahuan am.
80% kemahiran berfikir? Lebih kepada pengetahuan am? Setahu saya soalan Sejarah sepatutnya berkaitan dengan pengetahuan am kerana Sejarah itu fakta. Lagipun, pengalaman saya menjawab latih tubi dan soalan percubaan Sejarah dari pelbagai negeri yang diberi oleh guru membawa saya kepada kesimpulan bahawa soalan Sejarah PMR tahun ini tiada apa-apa perbezaan dengan soalan Sejarah PMR tahun-tahun terdahulu, latih tubi, dan kertas percubaan PMR dari pelbagai negeri.

3) Bahasa Inggeris 40 peratus tidak mengikut format
    seperti soalan-soalan tahun lepas.
Mungkin si penulis tak pernah jawab kut soalan latih tubi Bahasa Inggeris yang berformat baru (kalau tak silap, yang diperkenalkan akhir tahun lepas). Plus, pelajar tingkatan 3 di sekolah saya sudah diberitahu oleh guru panitia Bahasa Inggeris bahawa format soalan PMR tahun ni telah berubah. Takkan guru Bahasa Inggeris si penulis tak beritahu tentang pertukaran format awal tahun haritu? 

4) Geografi kebanyakan soalan berkait dengan sejarah, 
    mungkin agak payah bagi sesetengah pelajar yang 
    biasa dengan soalan secara terus (direct).
Da heck is the meaning of this? Maaf saya tak faham aduan (?) anda, wahai si penulis.
5) Soalan Sains yang perlu banyak menggunakan logik
    dan kemahiran berfikir serta pengetahuan luar 
    biasa pelajar.
Bukankan Sains dan Matematik merupakan subjek berdasarkan logik akal? And of course, subjek Sains memerlukan kemahiran berfikir selain daripada kemahiran menghafal fakta sains dan memahaminya sebab kalau kemahiran berfikir merupakan aspek yang tidak wujud dalam pembelajaran Sains, apakah tujuannya Kementerian Pendidikan memperkenalkan PEKA?

Dan berkenaan dengan pengetahuan luar biasa pelajar, wahai si penulis, pernah tak jawab soalan Checkpoint dalam buku teks Sains? Itu sahaja yang saya nak tanya...

6) Pendidikan Agama Islam soalan berkenaan dengan 
    'Maasum' yang tidak pernah dijadikan soalan pada 
    tahun-tahun lain.
Berkenaan dengan Maksum, uhm....topik itu terdapat dalam silibus pembelajaran kitalah. Bukti? Dalam bab Akidah, dalam topik Ismatul Rasul. Ismatul Rasul dan Maksum ialah perkara yang sama. Kalau pernah jawab soalan latih tubi atau soalan kertas percubaan dari negeri lain, ada peluang untuk stumble upon soalan ini. Betapa hebatnya kuasa membuat latihan...

Kesimpulannya, persoalan kepada hal ini bukannya kenapakah soalan PMR tahun ni pelik atau tidak atau susah atau senang. Persoalannya berbalik kepada adakah kita cukup bersedia untuk menghadapi PMR tahun ni. Saya di sini bukan bercakap sebagai seorang pelajar genius atau pelajar cemerlang, tetapi sebagai seorang pelajar yang telah menghadapi PMR dan menyedari hakikat bahawa belajar itu penting dalam kehidupan (cakap macam ni sebab rasa tak cukup belajar untuk PMR). Kalau kita belajar bersungguh-sungguh since tahun lepas atau awal tahun 2012, kita takkan cakap dengan senangnya bahawa PMR tahun ni pelik atau susah. Semuanya akan berjalan dengan lancar sebab kita berusaha...

Tetapi, mungkin si penulis aduan (?) ni tulis sebagai luahan perasaan kut. Result PMR dah nak keluar, jadi dia takut sebab dia rasa dia tak cukup belajar untuk PMR tahun ni. Takpe ERRY'Z (whatever your name is), I can relate to you :P .
P/S: Kalau Lembaga Peperiksaan turunkan gred PMR
tahun ni and many students got straight As, we have to
thank Erry'z forstating this. But at the same time, we can
conclude that majority students in Malaysia fail to
achieve the Ministry of Education's standards.

My Diary Haziq Haiqal Properties Revolution - The Mature Blog

Oh My God........it's been a while I haven't update my blog. Sorry guys but due to my PMR examination I have to stop blogging to focus on my studies. Now that freedom is in the air I can do whatever I want while waiting for the results to come out.

So as you can see, there has been some major changes in this blog that I hope it will stay permanent. Plus, rather naming my blog as "My Diary Haziq Haiqal Properties" which sounds SO immature in many levels, I changed it into - "The Mature Blog". Sounds raunchy but is not what you think it will be B) .

So you get the idea from the name. I will not be immature and will not keep my followers updated with my extremely unnecessary personal-related posts. And I will not EVER going to keep designing my blog and go back and forth like I used to. Let's hope for the best shall we.

Okay, end the blabbering and let's go to the main event of this posts - Blog features.

1. Language change

Starting from now on, I will be using English in this blog. Well you see, I read all of my past posts after my exam ended, and.....uhm....yeah.....I kinda facepalmed too many times during the process (and deleted the posts). From the subjective personal pronoun to the horrid use of Malay language, somehow the cringes suggested me to use English as the main language to avoid self-embarrassment from continuing. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing post in Malay. The ratio of English posts to Malay posts will be 2:1.

2. The blog's new URL

In the past, the original URL was very long. That's why I decided to change it to a simpler URL that every blogwalkers will memorize. Please remember, The Mature Blog's new URL is


3. New Header

A clean simple header to fit in the mature vibe. The Facebook Like box, ads, pages and other images attach on the header is the result of DIV Style coding. Don't understand? No need to cause your main approach when visiting here is not hijack the codes in this blog but to be amazed by the design.

4. New Color Scheme

Green, brown, blue, black and white - those are the main colors of this blog. The colors are to show sense of nature which is to create a homy and fresh feeling during visitors' visit in this blog.

5. Fewer widgets on sidebar


Yup, the lesser the widget the healthier the blog. I only display the Followers and Chit Chat widget and put an ad on top of it. I used shoutbusuk.org app for the chit chat so we can communicate weather in real time or unreal time (whatever the name is). Leave your message there and I will try to reply it whenever I can. And for those who want to read past posts of this blog (which apparently is not available right now ==') will need to go to the Archive page.

6. There's a Custom Search!

Quite lazy to go to the Archive page, search the post that you want using Google Custom Search above the header. Simply type in the keywords or the post labels for a better and quicker experience.

7. The Blog is FAST!

So I test my blog speed using the frequently-used-tool-among-Malaysian-Bloggers and voila!

Quite fast eh~~but to be honest, I don't believe the result. That is why I use a much more accurate website speed test tool to check the blog speed again. And the result is....

Wow! Never knew that my blog is also fast according to the speed test. So, it's safe to say that this blog will take a shorter time to load and enables you to enjoy at a faster rate.

Well, that's a long intro. So what do you think of this blog? Leave your comments below and don't forget to support me in the world of blogging :).